About Us


Carolina Performance Transmission Specialists is a small shop in North Carolina that specializes in transmission. We offer products and services that have something to do with transmissions although we specialize in 4l60e and 700r4 applications. We offer personalized service which means that the parts to be ordered and to be built varies and is therefore treated on a case to case basis.

Once you contact Carolina Perfomance Transmission Specialists and relay to us your transmission problems or issues, we will immediately contact you and let you know about the details of the build and tell you what needs to be done. The parts are ordered right away and once the parts arrive in the shop, we will do our best in fixing your transmission the soonest possible time so that you can have your car back. We can fix your transmission in the quickest possible time so that you won’t have to wait long enough before you can drive your car again.

Each transmission in Carolina Performance Transmission Specialists is built with care as if it was for our own cars. This makes customers trust us. We do care about their clients and we provide customer satisfaction. In fact, some competitors even recommend us if they can’t handle some clients or if they don’t have some of the parts needed by certain clients.

Carolina Performance Transmission Specialists is trusted by many that we are being talked about in Impala SS forums. A lot of people are buying transmission from us based on the forums and they haven’t had any problems. Judging by what people say in the forums, it seems that our company does give quality and excellent products and services which make clients trust us.

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