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Our CPT Limited Warranty is for a period of 1 year on torque converter and transmission combinations and 6 months on transmissions purchased without a torque converter. Warranty period begins upon delivery notification from the shipper and signed warranty Activation card must have been returned within 30 days of transmission delivery. Currently this is one of the Most competitive in the business.

Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the item at our discretion. Warranty repairs will be handled on a priority basis WE DO NOT SHIP REPLACEMENT TRANSMISSIONS UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED THE WARRANTIED UNIT. We are not responsible for any installation costs,Shipping costs, fluid, loss of transportation, or ANY costs or expenses beyond those specifically stated herein .These are performance Transmissions and are expected to be abused. We have a No questions asked Policy of fixing transmissions but the warranty procedure must be followed. We Do NOT cover shipping and or labor to R&R under ANY circumstances.

CPT bears no responsibility for damage resulting from failure to maintain proper lubrication to the transmission, or for any damage resulting from improper installation of the transmission. All transmission coolers must be properly flushed and cleaned prior to installation of the transmission. All returns under this warranty must be pre-approved by CPT. There are no other warranties, either specific or implied. The buyer is responsible for round trip shipping or can pay 200 dollars to CPT to arrange this for them. CPT will under no circumstance pay any labor fees or charges made by any other lenity.

In purchasing this or any product from us you agree to these terms and conditions without recourse. Our warranty is very simple repair or replace the product.

Special notes concerning warranty returns:

You will be responsible for securing a suitable container. You must completely drain of all fluids. Remove pan fill with paper towels to absorb any residual drip during shipment. Reinstall pan. Place the entire unit inside a heavy duty lawn/leif bag use two. Then seal the bags before placing in container. It is very important this be done as the package may become stuck as if it drains outside of the container DHL will stop moment and you will be responsible for recovering and reshipping the unit.




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